For those of you who do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ I would suggest reading them and get to Know the Master and teacher the First Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It is only through a deep relationship with Him during this time that you will be able to make sense out of what is to come. If you don’t like reading you can listen to all four accounts on Youtube. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is the time for those who believe to become more intimate with God and to grow in faith, wisdom and perfection. As Jesus says, Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. And for those who don’t believe it is never to late to start. Dark days are coming upon this earth and for those who can see through the deception and deceit and the famine and war the Glory of God’s light will be shining on you through this darkness. The earth and her people must experience a shaking spiritually so that the only thing that you are worshipping is and basking in is the Glory of God. The other shaking is the physical shaking of the earth through famine, war, earthquakes and tsunamis. Do not let your hearts be troubled for as Jesus says this must happen. God always has a plan. This is not the end of the world but this is a time of the great harvest and for the evil reign of terror that satan and his minions in our government and governments around the world have been perpetrating upon all of humanity will be exposed and justice will be served unto them. During this time God wants as many people to come to Him of their own free will and awaken to the Spirit of the Living God that dwells within you and around you. We must awaken during this time as the out pouring of the Holy Spirit will come upon this earth like no other time in human hitory. This is a time of gret blessing where the wheat will be separated from the tare. Meaning those who Love God and those who don’t. The lukewarm will cast themselves out and the unbelievers as well will be cast out because they will not be able to accept this move of the Holy Spirit and of God’s glorious LOVE. It will only be those who turn to God in complete surrender of their heart mind and soul that will be prepared during this time for the final battle of Good and Evil when the Anti Christ rises in the future. So do not be afraid during this coming season but instead turn to God and give your Spirit, mind and soul to Him.