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– Marvin Hamlisch, Grammy and Tony Award winning Composer and Conductor

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Songs from Secrets of Our Souls (All music written by Billy Kirchen)

 Track 1: Come With Me.
 Track 2: I’ll Take You Far Away.
 Track 3: Imagine.
 Track 4: Memory of Love.  (Violin: Alex Spors)
 Track 5: You’re My Angel.
 Track 6: Mystery of You.
 Track 7: There is No Time When I’m with You.
 Track 8: Secrets of Our Souls.
 Track 9: Til There Was You.
 Track 10: The We, We Were Before.

Songs from MIRRORS  (All Music written by Billy Kirchen, Produced by Alex Elena

All I Need
Come with Me
Millions of Humans
Mirror Mirror (Part 2)
Mirrors of Desire
Poor Adam Caldwell
The First Time
The We, We Were Before
Winter of My Mind

Lola sings music written by Billy Kirchen:  (Produced by Alex Elena

Best Part of Me
Memory of Love

Lola sings music from MIRRORS ( All music written by Billy Kirchen) (Produced by Alex Elena

 The First Time  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Jim Chudy. Vocals: Billy Kirchen and Lola)
 All I Need  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Billy Kirchen)
 All I Need Remix  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Billy Kirchen)
 Mirror Mirror Remix  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Jim Chudy)
 Mirrors of Desire Remix  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics Jim Chudy and Billy Kirchen)
 Mystery of You  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Jim Chudy)
 You Take Me Far Away  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Billy Kirchen. Vocals: Billy Kirchen)

Other Music by Billy Kirchen: (All music written by Billy Kirchen)

 Just One Night  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Brandi Shea, Vocals: George Byrne, Produced by Alex Elena and Topher Mohr)  
 Magic In Your Eyes  (Music: Billy Kirchen. Lyrics: Brandi Shea, Vocals: George Byrne, Produced by Alex Elena and Topher Mohr)
Show Us the Way
I Know
Many Faces of Love
Night Sky
Noah’s Lament
Prayer in the Dark
Pursuit of Happiness
Rhythms of the Heart
Only Love

Only Love

MIRRORS_Logo_ReverseOnDark-300x144Tired of so much political mumbo jumbo with all that barking and biting like crazed Chihuahuas? Craving something tasty and satisfying like that first awkward kiss? Want to laugh with abandon like the old days with friends of all types? Do you love a good story and enjoy tearing up with a really beautiful moment that touches your heart?

Well, a brand new musical by composer, Billy Kirchen and writer, Larry LaGuardia is ready to make its debut. “Mirrors” is a mystical, musical journey of songwriter Adam Caldwell where he attempts to reconcile a dark past and find renewed success in love, life, and music. Adam is everyman.

To introduce you to Mirrors we have included a link to a sneak preview of a live concert version performance. To view the preview click to play the video below:

We are looking to bring a full production of Mirrors to the stage. We are seeking comment and interest.

If you are interested in bringing Mirrors to the big stage or would like to give us feedback please email Billy here:

Thank you,

Billy and Larry

Brief Synopsis of Mirrors:

Adam is whisked away from his drunken life, failing marriage and stagnant career by Angelo; a tall, straight black…er…ebony cross dresser who is his guardian angel in training. Angelo takes Adam to Club Netti Netti; an otherworldly cabaret for troubled souls. It’s named after an old Sanskrit saying which basically means, “It’s neither this nor that… It’s you.”

There Adam confronts his past, dealing with his wife Gabriella, his grandmother Magda and his mother and father all of whom he felt failed him in life. Residents of Netti Netti question Adam’s sexuality, sanity and desire for betterment. This results in politically incorrect comedy. This roller coaster ride of emotion is filled with hilarious dialog, heartfelt moments, darkness, whimsical characters and a varied score from Tangos to Cabaret, Jazz to Ballads.

Netti Netti residents include mischievous imps, delightful angels and the lovely Muriel. She is a saucy and motherly guardian angel in training as well and regular performer at Club Netti Netti. Her own story is told with a lovely Puerto Rican accent. It’s even possible her and Angelo secretly love each other.

Clever, dramatic and poignant moments take place for Adam with each person from his life that he encounters in Netti Netti. In the end, shocking secrets are revealed which can either destroy Adam or free Adam to love and write music once again. To get a troubled soul right, one must realize, “It’s neither this nor that… It’s you.”

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Secrets of Our Souls

The following video is of a concert containing music written and performed by Billy Kirchen, from his Secrets of Our Souls album. If you like the preview below and are interested in seeing more, then download the full video!



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Posters of Past Projects


PFN_CD_CoverOn September 11, 2001 the world watched in disbelief as terror hit the United States.  The tragedy hit hard and the nation searched for answers.  Distraught by these events, Billy Kirchen and James Chudy were compelled to do something to help.  They wanted to help their community heal.  They wanted to encourage America to be strong and thoughtful in it’s course of action.   They wanted to help the children affected by the tragedy.  But how?  On September 18th the answer came.  Billy awoke at 2:00am with a melody for a song and a vision of children singing.  He went to the piano and plunked out the melody that would become known as “Prayer for a Nation”.  Billy contacted Jim to compose the lyrics.  After hearing President Bush’s address to the nation, Jim was inspired to write the powerful heart-felt lyrics.  Billy contacted Michele Berg-Cascarano to help produce the project, and Maria Bartolotta to sing with him the lead vocals.  From the Milwaukee area auditions, 45 children from various ethnic and religious backgrounds were chosen to participate in the children’s choir.  A choir filled with the voices of healing…voices of angels.  This is their “Prayer For A Nation”.

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