Hello!  My name is Billy Kirchen.

Welcome to the website dedicated to my project, Mirrors of Desire.

I am a composer, pianist, singer, and metaphysical explorer living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Please take a look around.

Please check back often as I continue to add more content.

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Brief Synopsis of Mirrors:

Adam is whisked away from his drunken life, failing marriage and stagnant career by Angelo; a tall, straight black…er…ebony cross dresser who is his guardian angel in training. Angelo takes Adam to Club Netti Netti; an otherworldly cabaret for troubled souls. It’s named after an old Sanskrit saying which basically means, “It’s neither this nor that… It’s you.”

There Adam confronts his past, dealing with his wife Gabriella, his grandmother Magda and his mother and father all of whom he felt failed him in life. Residents of Netti Netti question Adam’s sexuality, sanity and desire for betterment. This results in politically incorrect comedy. This roller coaster ride of emotion is filled with hilarious dialog, heartfelt moments, darkness, whimsical characters and a varied score from Tangos to Cabaret, Jazz to Ballads.

Netti Netti residents include mischievous imps, delightful angels and the lovely Muriel. She is a saucy and motherly guardian angel in training as well and regular performer at Club Netti Netti. Her own story is told with a lovely Puerto Rican accent. It’s even possible her and Angelo secretly love each other.

Clever, dramatic and poignant moments take place for Adam with each person from his life that he encounters in Netti Netti. In the end, shocking secrets are revealed which can either destroy Adam or free Adam to love and write music once again. To get a troubled soul right, one must realize, “It’s neither this nor that… It’s you.”