To live in eternity with God we must experience Heaven on earth which is pure love and light within your Spirit, mind and soul while you are in the physical body. We must become like our master and savior Jesus Christ. We must take up our cross, our entire being, and become one with Jesus and the Father here and now. Sounds impossible? Everything is possible when you surrender your entire life and being to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Build a relationship with Jesus and your Heavenly Father by taking time every day to Basque in His Glory. Read scripture, pray and speak to Him on a daily basis. Continue to do this every single day of your life until your life and your being is in constant communion with Him. Where you feel no separation at all. Live your life in constant prayer where God is directing your every move, thought and feeling.  While we are moving through this dense and emotional physical reality we have to be Light and Love which is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who lives within us. This is the way to experience eternity here while in the physical body and when we depart from this plane.  This is our way to navigate  through the darkness that surrounds us. Listen to Prayer in the Dark.