We are all children of the Living God. We all were created in God’s image which is Spirit. The physical is the outward manifestation of that Spirit. You couldn’t exist in the physical realm if you were not born of God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit and breath give us life in the physical. Without both the Spirit and breath of life we could not have this human experience. The human experience is how God knows itself. Without this knowing and awareness we devolve into that which we as God beings are not meant to be. It is out of ignorance of Who We Are that we do horrific things to not only ourself but our brothers and sisters. When we do unspeakable acts against ourselves or others we are also destroying God’s creation. We must KNOW that we are special creations in God’s Universe. There are no other beings like us anywhere within the physical universe nor within the heavenly realms. We are greater than the angels. We are greater than Lucifer, the fallen angel and his mignons. God’s Spirit within us has the power over all of creation. So reclaim your heavenly birthright as a God being and act accordingly regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation and everything else in-between.