Matthew 24

I didn’t want to go here and make posts political but I am being led by the Spirit to address what is going on with regards to Russia and Ukraine. Reminded me of Matthew 24. When you read the passage you will understand if you are listening to God what is going on. DO NOT LET YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED. Stay close to the Spirit of the Living God and Jesus Christ who dwell within you. Take what you see on television and different reports of what is going on and use discernment always communing with God for Truth. This aggression by Mr. Putin and Russia is bigger than what is being portrayed. All of humanity is at war with the DEEP STATE cabal including Putin. Don’t get me wrong Putin is for Putin so he as well can not be fully trusted but he also knows that the Deep State cabal is trying to enslave the entire world including Russia and her people. The entire human population is fighting for their freedom and independence from the dark forces that which to destroy all of humanity at this time. The globalists, the satanic cabal, are wanting to enslave all of humanity under a One World communist Order made in the image of their god, the beast known by many names of which I will not honor here. Their goal: Depopulate the planet to 500 millions through biological weapons, vaccinations that are not vaccinations aka poisonous jabs, and economic collapse and war to bring about the great Satanic reset. We truly are at war spiritually, physically and psychologically for we are fighting against principalities and powers in the heavenly realms. There are demonic forces within the spiritual realms who are influencing many leaders around the world, many in our own government, many institutions, corporations, banking systems, etc etc. There is deception from the MSN. There is deception from the Biden admin. There is deception and deceit everywhere. This is the time of the great exposure of who and what has been in control of this planet for thousands of years. Satan and his mignons on earth have been in control and they have infiltrated every high position in governments, corporations, banking systems and every institution around the world. Pray, fast, and commune with God all day long. God will win in the end and stay with Him. Do not be deceived. Keep the FAITH.