We are spiritual beings having a physical experience so get in touch and feel the power of your Spirit which is made up of the same substance as God who dwells within you. Always address God every morning before you do anything. Call on God to activate your Spirit to be in communion with Him.  Then go about your business while continuing to focus your mind and your feelings on the unseen power of the living God. Surrender your entire day to Him and He most certainly will guide you and direct you thoughts, words, and actions. Call on God’s heavenly army of angels and they will surround and protect you if you let them. Listen to You’re My angel to bring you into closer communion with God and your angels. 

 If something occurs or thoughts occur that take you out of that peace of God recognize it as the Enemy trying to stop you from feeling God’s purpose in your life. When you recognize that you are being attacked, immediately cast the spiritual demons out. You have the power to do so in the name of God. They will flee!! Breath and relax and feel the peace of God again calling on Jesus’ name. The more you practice this awareness the better you will get at living in God’s peace at all times.