The Spirit of the Living God is alive and well and He is moving across our great nation and and yes the entire world to awaken the Spirit of God within all who choose to receive Him. Receiving Him and accepting Him is only the beginning, as you well know, it is the journey we take with HIM that leads us all to a greater knowing of who He truly is and who we truly are as a human being created in the image and likeness of God. It is only when we cultivate a relationship with Him and get to know Jesus and commune with Him through the Word, prayer and walking with Him on a daily basis that we begin to communicate with HIM on the Spirit level and no longer only on the physical level through our five senses. We transcend the senses and commune with Him in the Spirt. The Bride and the Bridegroom become one. 

As as we commune with God every day, all day, that bond, the marriage of the Bride and the Bridegroom becomes more and more solidified wherein no man nor demonic power can destroy it!! We communicate on a daily basis all day long and every day because we Know His Spirit for He as come to sup with us and reside with us and live in us and we with him. We can feel Him inside the very depth of our Soul and Spirit. Many times on this journey to calvary we fall short of this perfect love, this perfect union, as our Vision becomes blurred and obscured because of old patterns of behavior,  emotional attachments both good and bad, emotional scars from childhood, sexual abuse, physical abuse, disappointments, betrayals and demonic attacks that we experience through our five senses but when we are completely healed perfectly in the love of Christ we can proclaim my eye is single and therefore my whole body is filled with light as we know longer experience the world through the five senses but only through the Spirit of the living God that dwells within us.