Jesus spoke in parables not to confuse people or to keep secret something that couldn’t be revealed to the public at large but to convey to those he was teaching that eternal Truth can not be spoken but only experienced. When you know the Truth it is hard to convey in words what that experience is like. Sure, a person who has experienced the Truth can try to explain it in words but it still misses the mark. It’s like telling someone what an orange tastes like but until someone actually tastes the orange for themselves you really don’t know what they are speaking of. Then when you actually do taste the orange you understand what the person was trying to tell you about the taste of the orange. Jesus when speaking about the Kingdom of God always started it like this, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…….” He never said the “The Kingdom of Heaven is a place, is comfortable, is beautiful, is white, is bright, is …… When you experience the Kingdom of Heaven on earth it is hard to describe what it is. In order to know what the Kingdom of Heaven is you have to experience it for yourself. That experience of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth takes place within your Spirit. It is not an outward manifestation but an interior manifestation. That is where you experience Heaven on earth within the third dimensional physical reality.