Reading the Word of God. Reading the Bible on a daily basis is necessary because God’s word directs us to Truth. The Truth of God and Who He is. The Word of God is also a guide on how to live a righteous and noble life and how to seek salvation so we can live with God in Heaven for eternity. With further study we are introduced to the Master Teacher and Savior of Humankind, Jesus Christ. And we come to find out that it is through Jesus Christ that our salvation comes. While all of this is true if we do not KNOW God intimately. If We do not KNOW Jesus and the Holy Spirit intimately no matter how much we do good and noble things and how much we know and can recite every bible verse we will NOT enter into eternity with God and Jesus Christ.

We can know every quote and every verse and do not KNOW God intimately all of our knowledge is in vain. We can preach the message of the Gospel with the greatest knowledge and fervor and hooting and hollering to millions of people but if the preacher who is preaching doesn’t KNOW God intimately his preaching is in vain. If we create the most glorious music to uplift and inspire the world if the composer does not KNOW God intimately then our music fall short of the Glory of God. If we heal the sick and raise the dead as a doctor if we the doctor does not KNOW God intimately his healing works fall short of the Glory of God because HE or She did not KNOW God intimately. Whatever we do in this world if we do not KNOW God intimately then all of our works fall short of the Glory of God. All of our works while noble and good and righteous are done in vain.

How do we know if we KNOW God intimately because we LOVE unconditionally. We effortlessly and lovingly give of ourself to God, mind, body and soul and then with out any effort interiorly at all we turn to our neighbor and give of ourself to all of humanity in self less love and then and only then whatever we do will be done in Spirit and in Truth worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. When we live in this kind of Love then we are doing the Will of the One who sent Jesus Christ.