Don’t you know that you are gods? When Jesus made this statement to the Jews they were ready to stone him for blasphemy. If I would say to my Christian contemporaries today or to a Jew today or better yet any person I met on the street and I said to them, “Don’t you know that you are a god?” a non religious person would look at me and probably think I am nuts, a religious person might accuse me of blasphemy, or a another bloke on the street would think that I am giving him or her a compliment because he or she thinks they are God’s gift to EVERYBODY styling in their Gucci or Prada attire. Or another even more common response would be  a person staring back at me with a blank look on their face as a deer looking in a headlight. The reason I know that I would get one of these responses is because I have asked many people over the years, “don’t you know that you are god!” And nine times out of ten no one really got it. And no one really believes it. I would guess that 99 percent of the people on the planet do not understand the question nor have contemplated this idea. I might be wrong but the state of affairs in the world tells me I am correct.

If the Jews of Jesus’ time really KNEW God they would have understood and Knew what Jesus really meant when he exclaimed, “Don’t you know that you are gods!”. They would have known that their Spirit was God and that their Spirit was created in the image and likeness of God and in that moment they would have recognized Jesus as God and what he said was true. In that moment they would have known the Truth but they were too self centered and intellectually egotistical to awaken in that moment. Too hardened of heart. I also believe that  Jesus was being sarcastic in his statement to them but in his sarcasm he was expounding the Truth and pointing out their pious hypocrisy.    When Jesus said, “Don’t you know that you are gods’? HE MEANT IT.

Jesus came into the physical to help us remember WHO WE ARE and how to attain to this awareness and knowing. As it states in the first creation story, We are created in the Image and Likeness of God which is Spirit! And that Spirit is the Spirit that created the entire Universe. The only way to access that power is through the highest vibration of this universe which is Pure Love. If one does not have the Spirit of pure Love one can not access God’s power which dwells within you. It is impossible. So it is easily understandable why in Jesus’ time the Jews to which Jesus was speaking did not understand his question and likewise today.  The majority of people living today do not understand the statement, Don’t you know that ye are gods?”  We all primarily live in our egos and are completely attached to the physical world as were the Jews of Jesus’ day. In order to KNOW that we are gods we must die to ourself and live in complete surrender to the Spirit of God of which we are Spiritually of the same substance. When we come to this awareness,  then we will know that indeed we are gods. One last thought, once you know this to be True and have that Awareness and Knowing, you don’t want to claim that you and you alone are God that would end in tragedy. Even the master the first born Son of God, Jesus said that I of myself do nothing but it is the Father that works within me that does all the work.